Client Spotlight: Catherine’s Story

Read our Client Spotlight on Catherine at Home Team Missouri. Discover how personalized CDS and home care services have made a positive impact on her life.

Catherine loved her home. She lived on the edge of a park and enjoyed taking walks. She also enjoyed tending her small garden. Eventually she began to find it difficult to plan her meals and eat properly. It was beginning to take a toll on her. Soon outdated food began to take over her cabinets and refrigerator. She wasn’t eating well. She also began to forget to take her medication on time and mixing up what she was supposed to take. Soon her health began to fail and she was becoming more and more confused, but she refused to leave her home.

She asked for help.  We set up a plan with her and started providing caregivers to help her remember to take her medications and to prepare healthy meals for her.  We also helped her with light housekeeping and bathing.

She started feeling like herself, got back on her feet and was soon busy tending her garden and going for walks with our caregiver:  doing the things she loved to do while having the Peace of Mind to remain independent in her beloved home.

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