CDS & Home Care In Columbia, Missouri

A family-owned independent provider of CDS home health care in Columbia, Missouri to make life easier.

HomeTeam is a family-owned provider of personalized CDS home care services in Columbia, Missouri that help you to remain independent in your home. We help you maintain your independence and peace of mind. We specialize in and enjoy assisting with any and all of your daily activities.

Shopping & Errands
Light Housekeeping
Medication Reminders
Meal Preparation
Bathing & Personal Care
Anything Else!

Home Care Services In Columbia, Missouri

Local Family Owned & Operated

Accepted by multiple longer-termcare insurance policies.

All care is supervised by a staff RN

Clients are assigned a care coordinator who works directly with each client.

Experienced Caregivers

To navigate all the potential options available for loved ones.

“My mother is very happy with your services. You and your team are truly a blessing to our family.”

A Full Range of Home Care Services In Columbia, Missouri

Personal Care Services

Daily activities to make life easier including cooking, dressing, grooming, bathing/personal hygiene, mobility, assistance with meds and much more.

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Consumer Directed Services

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a personalized approach to caregiving that puts individuals in control of their own support services. It's like having the remote control for your care, allowing you to choose who provides your assistance and when. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, CDS tailors caregiving to your unique needs and preferences.

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In-Home Tasks

Helping in and around your home such as bathroom and kitchen cleaning, meal preparation, laundry and much more.

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Respite Service

Relieving a family member or the primary personal care giver temporarily from daily home or personal care tasks.

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Request a Consultation

During our phone or in-home consultation, we will discuss the needs of your family a program that fits your particular needs and budget.

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